HCG Diet Plan

What is the HCG Diet Plan?

Tryna lose weight?

Well, if you are here then you are probably wondering what is HCG diet plan?

But if you don’t know what it is; here is a quick overview.

This HCG meal guide can help you along the way while keeping your caloric intake low but having great tasting recipes great. So plan has two parts to it.

The diet and the product.

The whole routine was shown through some evidence showed that it keeps the appetite in your body low and targets the body fat stored in your body.

The second stage of the plan is the low calorie diet which some say should be around 500 calories.

You don’t really need to eat around 500 calories and if you want you can eat a lot more,  just watch out for the food that you are eating.

So I recommend you buy this meal guide to learn some great tasting food recipes so you don’t get bored with the food you eat during the diet period.

This can help a lot during your HCG diet plan & help keep you strong during the whole process.

There are two types of products you can be using, it is through orally and the other is through injections.

Oral injections can be harder to get and you would need prescriptions and can be more dangerous.

This is Dr Simeons hcg diet.

He came up with it! So yeah!

There are basically like three stages to this .

There are the Loading, Burning, and Maintenance stages.

Some people may think the loading stage may not be needed but it is a crucial part probably because it shocks your body when you go to the burning stage.

So in the loading stage you can eat a lot of fatty foods and can eat almost anything you want.

The next stage is called the Burning stage and it is when you go through the low calorie intake.

I RECOMMEND getting the H-C-G Recipe Guide, since it has a lot of tasty recipes that you may want to try out for yourself and see how it goes.

So during the burning stage you would need have a low calorie diet that lasts around from 26-43 days.

During that period you could eat protein, fruits & vegetables, water & if you want can drink some coffee too.

hcg diet plan


One of the diet recipes that you can tryout, is the Garlic Marinara sauce that you should put in some pasta or noodles.

The ingredients that you needs for this recipe is:

  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 3 ounces of tomato paste
  • ½ tablespoon fresh basil chopped
  • ½ of some chicken broth
  • 1 clove of the garlic minced
  • ½ tablespoon of the dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped onion
  • Some salt or cayenne pepper (To test out the taste and see out for yourself to see which one you like better)


First, you would need to to blend the tomatoes to get that paste of tomato sauce and put in a sauce pan.

Next, you would add the broth, the paste, the basil, garlic, oregano, and the onions.

So cook for about 45 minutes with some of the salt, pepper, & cayenne.

Test out how much you want by putting a little bit at first and see if you like it then if you don’t just add a little bit more.

The amount of ingredients above is for 1 serving.

I highly recommend again getting the H-C-G diet menu recipe book which has over 200 great tasting recipes for this H-C-G  meal plan or just during your normal meals.

Try out different things and see how it tastes for you!

During this stage you don’t really need to exercise but can do a little if you want. You can walk or jog for about a mile or two.

During this journey a person does not really need to exercise a lot to see good results.

So once you are at a weight that you are satisfied with or it is your goal weight you can stop taking the product orally and do the HCG diet plan for 3 more days so that way you can get rid of the product out of your system.

The last stage is called the maintenance stage, which is where you need to try to make sure there is no sugar or starches in your system.

Below is an example of a plan for the first week.

Below are some of foods in this recipe book can help make you feel like you are not bored during this journey.

Days 1-2:

This is the loading phase so you can eat almost anything you want, such as pizza, burgers, chocolate cake, cookies, almost anything that you like to eat.

Days 3-7

For breakfast you can eat a cup of tea or coffee without sugar; this can be good if you want to jump start your day, but if you would like you can add a tablespoon of milk into your tea or milk.

For lunch you can eat about 100 grams of white fish or the kind of fish you like to eat.

Also you can eat a Melba toast and if you want you can eat an apple or pear, a small fruit if you’d like.

For dinner you can eat about a 100 grams of lobster, and have some lettuce or cabbage on the side with some breadsticks.

During Thursday and Friday you can eat almost the same thing as you had for breakfast so you can sort of get used to eat then in Thursday for lunch you can get about 100 grams of shrimp with some salad without the dressing and some bread sticks if you’d like.

Then for dinner on Thursday you can eat about 100 grams of chicken breast, but make sure you boil it before you grill the chicken breast.

For friday during lunch you can eat about 100 grams of fresh crabs and you can eat some asparagus with it, if you’d like, and for dinner you can eat about 100 grams of chicken breast, lobster, one of your favorite kinds of fish if you have one and you can have some salad to but without the dressing.

For Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner you can have some veal, lobsters or some chicken breast but have some vegetables with it.


If you would like to know how to make your food tastier and much more creative if you are bored with what you are eating make sure to check out the HCG diet recipes guide book that has over 200 tasty recipes!

A little video below about what this women eats for her this plan!



There are a few tips that you may try when a person is on the hcg diet plan. The weight you are right now is the result from the variety of factors that are in your lifestyle.

Keeping up with a healthy meal plan and checking you caloric intake can be crucial and beneficial if you do it right to help you prevent being overweight or obese.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is present in both males and females but there is more of this hormone when a woman is pregnant.

This hormone increases your metabolism so the stored body fat in your body is converted into energy.

During the HCG diet plan, not a lot of calories are needed to be consumed.

The loading stage is the stage where you would consume high calorie foods for about 2 days.

You can eat almost anything such as fried chicken, pizza, burgers, etc…

The main purpose of this stage is to help with the cravings that you may get when you go on the diet.

I highly recommend buying the HCG recipe book, that has over 200+ tasty recipes!


  1. Drinking Water

Drinking is important with or without this diet but during the diet make sure you drink about 3-5 gallons of water since it can help with the removal of toxins in your body.

  1. Exercising and sweating



During the loading stage, you can exercise and by exercising it can help your body with the next stage of the diet plan.

You can walk or jog about an hour a day or run for about a few minutes, do some kind of exercise even if you are at home and don’t want to go outside.

  1. Eat Healthy

Even if you could almost anything during the loading phase at high healthy beneficial foods such as an apple or breadfruit.

Excess fat or being overweight or obese can be so harmful and be such a nuisance in your life.

Make smart choices, like instead of eating chocolate chip cookies, eat some nuts or grapes.

Instead of wanting to eat cake or cupcakes eat something like plain greek yogurt.

  1. Buddy

Having an H-C-G diet buddy can be a motivation tool that may help you stay in the weight loss game for a while.

You can learn so much, watch videos, read books & articles, but if you don’t have the urge in your body that wants to do the diet plan. Then there is pretty much no point.

H-C-G diet plan buddy is a person that can share your similar pains or struggles that can be there to give you encouragement, when your down, tell them how you feel, ask questions, ask how they feel.

Having a buddy during a first time doing a diet or something can be such a rewarding experience since there may be some emotional times that you may want to talk with with your buddy or friend.

Doing this routine can be an alarming experience for you, if you have not experience doing a diet.

I suggest that you look for a buddy online, first sort of build a relationship with them, talk about yourself a little bit and ask about them. SO where can you find a diet buddy.

Well, one of the best places you can find one is in clubs or programs, but some people may not be able to find one, so the next option can be to look up online, by finding forums and checking there.



This hcg diet plan that has been described above is for information purposes and you should ask a medical physician if you want help losing weight.

This is Dr Simeons hcg diet, and he started it about 50 years ago on obese patients. But remember to ask your medical physician.